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Old Time Hockey Is Hockey Nostalgia

Think back to your earliest memories of video game hockey. It probably came in the form of NHL 94 or even Blades of Steel.

These games mixed arcade and simulation in a way that kept players hooked for hours on end. To this day there are many who prefer the decades-old classics over the current realistic entries.

E7 Entertainment hopes to capture those who wish for the days of old with Old Time Hockey.

From the official Steam page:

Players are expected to contest for the puck by taking the body and hitting the opponents through a myriad of available body checks (hits) such as elbows, shoulder checks, cross checks, hip checks, and the dirty clotheslines. Timely hits allow the team to go on fire (momentum) and inflict further damage on their opponents which will cause the opponents to want to drop the mitts and fight.

The game features 5-on-5 arcade hockey, and will include three game modes: Exhibition, Story Mode and Story Mode Plus. There’s even a “Beer Mode”, allowing you to play the game with just one hand.

Old Time Hockey is coming in March 2017 to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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