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Online Co-Op, Visual Enhancements, and Master League Upgrades coming to PES 18

PES 18's Lighting Looks Amazing

Pro Evolution Soccer always seems to be playing catch-up to FIFA. Despite routinely getting better marks gameplay wise, when it comes to features, graphics, modes, and online play, FIFA seems to have it beat year in and year out.

That said, the game has its fan base and those fans should be excited for the new enhancements coming to the game at launch.

Below are some of the new features to be the most excited about.

Better ‘Master League’ immersion.

PES 18's Master League features several enhancements.

One of the coolest features of NBA 2k are the various cut-scenes and conversations you can have with players and coaches and press in MyGM Mode. PES 18′ looks to be adding these elements to its version of MyGM, Master League. Konami’s promising pre-match interviews with the press prior to big games, and ‘locker room’ cut scenes.

How big of an impact these elements have on the game (and your players) remains to be seen, but hopefully the effect results in more personality and a more robust and complete and most importantly, personal, experience.

Gameplay Refinements.

In PES 18' Size *does* Matter.

Move over ESPN, PES 18′ is all about ‘The Body’ when it comes to gameplay refinements. With a focus on player positioning and physicality, it appears where your player is will be just as important as the location of the ball.

As a result players will place themselves between an opposing player and the ball when appropriate, and wrestling the ball away will utilize a player’s specific body advantages. This means a skinny player might be able to speed past a big burly guy, and a big burly guy would can simply get in the way and cause quite a problem.

Similarly, your body will play a bigger factor in ball control, as your chest, head, and legs will all play a part in wrestling control of a loose ball.

There’s also a promise of refined set-piece and kick-off controls, making the most exciting elements of European Football all the more accessible.

Graphical refinements

Body scanning, face scanning, tattoos, the gang’s all here regarding providing authentic true-to-life players. But a scanned human does not mean an emotive one, so Konami has overhauled facial animation, promising these new animations will accurately reflect the nature of a given match.

Beyond that, expect a major upgrade in terms of stadium realism and lighting – promising a visual treat for long-time players and newcomers alike.

Online Co-Op

While PES’s online play has been met with middling marks in the past, it appears Konami is taking a big swing with this year’s iteration. They’re adding 2v2 and 3v3 online co-op, allowing your custom character to play with friends or strangers.

In a very NBA MyPark move, what’s cool here it it appears you’ll be gaining bonuses based on skills and play in-game. For example you’ll get rated on your crossing ability, how good of a team player you are, and that’ll translate into expierence points as you level up.

Say what you will about about the FIFA vs. PES rivalry, it’s clear Konami isn’t a slouch when it comes to refining and honing what makes PES great. The new modes are nice (especially the online co-op), but the focus on the physicality of play and refined set-piece controls is the stuff that should excite long-time fans, or folks who feel FIFA is just a bit too easy.

Find out for yourself when Pro Evolution Soccer launches September 12th, 2017 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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