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OOTP 18 Gets Likely Final Update


Out of the Park Developments released what looks like the final update to their flagship title, OOTP 18.

The devs improved the simulation module for some playoff projections they did for the MLB Network and released these improvements to the public in a little patch that also includes some tweaks and bugfixes. The final version number is now 18.8.76.

Here is the changelist compared to version 18.7.74:
– Improved sim module with more options for simming playoff series
– Fixed issue with importing rosters and having “do not allow AI moves” flag set
– Fixed last year ticket price display issue
– Fixed not respecting number of draft rounds
– Fixed crash if game minimized while bullpen dialog open
– Fixed issue with setting no cap on amateur FA
– Fixed issue with placing minor league players on the major league 60-day DL
– Players may now be sent to rehab assignment before the minor league seasons have begun
– Added team and MLB totals to player batting and pitching stats pages
– Fixed expansion draft scheduling for historical games to not conflict with rookie draft
– Fixed issue with resetting beard frequency
– Fielding ratings will no longer be reset to a 200 internal value in the player development code if manually edited to values exceeding 200
– Other bug and cosmetic fixes

Interested in OOTP 18? We reviewed the game after its release.

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