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Out of the Park Baseball 19 Reveals Changes and Additions

Out of the Park Developments 19

As Out of the Park Baseball 19 is gearing up for another season and ahead of its release on March 22nd, they have unveiled details of what’s new in this year’s game.

Helpfully breaking these down into major and minor categories, the venerable simulation’s updates all appear to work towards making the game an even more realistic experience for fans. There’s also seemingly been an increased emphasis on presentation this year, with many changes geared to have the game of baseball looking better than ever.

On the major side of things, there’s the requisite updating of rosters that you’ve come to expect but more impressively, there’s been an overhaul of various screens, 3-D ballparks, and player animations. Perhaps because that one item covers a lot of ground, the other significant changes don’t sound quite as groundbreaking in comparison, but these include better AI, improved scouting and managing tools and, for anyone looking to get creative with league expansion, the chance to utilize a whopping 800 fictional team logos.

Among the items to make the list of minor changes, look for all sorts of cosmetic alterations in both menu screens and actual game-play alongside small additions that only help you get more immersed in the process of running a team. These range from rather vague assertions such as improved historical simulation accuracy to hyper-specific changes like adding an option to set injury frequency to “extremely low.”

As the game still has two weeks of beta testing to be completed, this list of changes and additions is still being updated as we speak, with new items added even as recently as today. So be sure to check back regularly to stay in the loop on what to expect from Out of the Park Baseball 19.

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