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PAX East 2016: Top 10 Must Do’s

PAX East 2016: Top 10 Must Do's

Sports Gamers Online is at PAX East this year, looking out for what you guys are interested in. While PAX East is not stacked full of sports games, it still has a lot of things worth visiting, including some indie sports games that we be diving further into over the weekend. Today we are bringing you the 10 must do things at Pax East 2016, in no particular order.

  1. PlayStation Virtual Reality 

    IMG_2749PlayStation Virtual Reality is definitely one of the coolest things you can do at PAX East this year for the lowest wait time. This year they are using an app called PlayStation Experience. Once you have the mobile app downloaded you can schedule a time to come try out the games using the Vitality headset. Booking opens up at 9:00 each morning for that day, and fills up very quickly.


You can play any of their 7+ games, which each provide a unique Virtual Reality experience.

2. Twitch


Here you can watch and listen to some of your favorite casters. You can check out some new games and learn about top streamers. You can also pick up swag here, and make yourself a nametag with your twitch profile.

3. ARK


Stop by here to play ARK, a survival dinosaur game on the rise. You can compete with other players for prizes and swag. Even if you don’t want to play, its worth your time to check out their awesome dinosaur set up, which they even let people climb on top of.

4. The Yogibos


Trying out the yogibos here on the 1st floor is a great way to relax after standing on your feet for hours waiting for games on the show-floor. You can also purchase them at a booth downstairs if you like what you are sitting on.

5. Pokemon/Pokken Booth


Here the Pokemon franchise is showcasing their newest game: Pokken. It is a 3D fighter that features many Pokemon as playable characters. At the booth they also have some other games, such as a new Pokemon turn based card game.

6. League of Legends Stage


In this area you can watch collegiate League of Legends players battle it out on the rift. They also periodically give out free stuff.

7. Overwatch


Here you can either watch Overwatch teams of 6 battle head to head, or try out the game yourself. They have plenty of setups so the line generally moves quickly.

8. Totino’s Pizza Rolls 


I know this probably sounds weird. Totino’s at a gaming convention? But they are giving out free pizza rolls to everyone who wants to stop by and check out the action. As you’ll see in the picture below, contestants’ goal is to collect as many rings as possible in a Sonic game while being rotated, tilted, and turned in a mechanical horse-like experience.


9. Street Fighter

IMG_2786Here you can watch some Street Fighter Pros play and listen to some great commentary while playing on one of their many setups. You might even be lucky enough to see Mike Ross playing or on commentary.

10. Indie Games Area
Indie Game Section

Usually with much shorter lines, the Indie game area is a great way to explore new genres. It can be easy to forget about a lot of these games with all the big names in the front, but it is absolutely worth it to try out these games.

That was our day 1 at Pax East and we hope you liked our 10 must do’s. We will be back with more coverage throughout the weekend, so stay tuned.

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