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PES 2021 Mobile Launches Globally

eFootball PES 2021 Mobile, the latest mobile football game from Konami, is live on iOS and Android today. This year’s mobile version of the equally lengthy-named eFootball PES 2021 Season Update will share key features and licenses from the console game. PES 2021 Mobile will feature new Matchday mode events and live updates to players, clubs, and leagues. It’s also a great way to tend to your myClub on-the-go.

Konami has included a handy guide for PES 2021 Mobile. For starters, you can use the website to search and see if your favorite clubs, players or managers are in PES 2021. There’s also a carryover guide for PES 2020 Mobile users. Here’s the rundown.

What Carries Over To PES 2021 Mobile?

  • All myClub coins and GP will carry over from 2020 to 2021.
  • If your PES 2020 Model Team is in PES 2021, it’ll be your Base Team by default. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to choose a new team.
  • Players obtained in PES 2020 who are available in PES 2021 will retain their level, though their stats are subject to change. Players who are not available in the newest version will be exchanged. The new players will be at max level.
  • Managers will follow these same rules–if they’re available at launch in PES 2021, they’ll carry over. If not, you can select a new one. The contract duration for all Managers that you own will be set to 25 matches automatically.
  • Special Trainer and the majority of Scouts will carry over to the newest version as well.
PES 2021 Mobile
A graphic that shows how Managers will transfer from PES 2020 to PES 2021, via Konami’s website

At Free.99, PES 2021 Mobile is a great way to try out the Pro Evolution Soccer series if you’ve ever been curious. Or, if you can’t stop thinking about your myClub, maybe this will bring you comfort. If anything in our review of PES 2021 Season Update caught your eye, maybe give it a try.

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