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Play NASCAR Heat 4 For Free


If you’ve been waiting for a reason to give NASCAR Heat 4 a try, now may be your best opportunity. Starting today, Xbox Live Gold users can play the game for free on Xbox consoles.

If you find yourself wanting to buy the game after giving it a try, you can pick it up for 35% off on the Xbox Game Store.

From our NASCAR Heat 4 Review:

Players can now start at any series, allowing you to avoid the grind of working your way up from the Extreme Dirt series to the Monster Energy series if you don’t want to. Like last year, you choose whether to be an individual driver on a team or start a team of your own.

As a solo driver, you have to earn your contracts and then work on your reputation with the other racers. If you get under the skin of other drivers while racing you’ll find yourself dealing with them as they bump you or try and force you off your line. Drivers you draft and befriend, so to speak, will cause no problems in a race.

While being a single driver is enjoyable, running a team is a more rewarding experience that offers the depth fans want. Again, like last year, you have to fill your staff and train them up to become the best in the business while also juggling things like car types, car repairs, and facility improvements. It requires proper allocation of your money, which you earn from sponsorships and race performance. You won’t have the best short-track car right off the bat; instead, you may be forced to do the best you can with the superspeedway car you used to win at Talladega.


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