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MLB The Show 17 Players Getting Compensation For Server Issues

mlb the show 17 celebration

The launch of MLB The Show 17 hasn’t been a smooth one to say the least.

While the offline features are performing just fine, it’s the online servers that have had fans crying foul since its late March launch.

Sony San Diego Studios knows that there has been a major problem with the issues, and took to the internet to address the problems in the form of a post on The Show Nation.

In the post, the game’s development team stated that they have been working on a major fix for the servers, and that “great strides” have been made to address the major issues causing gameplay problems in MLB The Show 17. The team even announced that players who’ve been playing the game from launch through May 11 will be compensated for the issues.

As a token of apology, as well as a thank you to our dedicated community for helping us identify these issues and for your patience as we’ve worked to address them, we are extending a make good to anyone who meets the criteria outlined below.

Every PSN ID which played The Show 17 between 3/28 at 12:01 am PT and May 11 at 1:00pm PT, will receive 10 Standard Packs and 11,000 Stubs automatically added to their account.  Please note that the make good will be deployed into all effected users account within a week.

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