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Buckle Up For New F1 2018 Patch 1.05

F1 2018

F1 2018 has received a new patch today on PC. Patch 1.05 will be available on PlayStation 4 tomorrow and Xbox One later this week.

F1 2018 Patch 1.05 Details

Realizing there were unwarranted changes from the last patch, Codemasters is rolling back changes to ‘Medium Traction Control’ settings with 1.05. The decision comes in response to the feedback from, you, the community.  You can see the other changes coming in 1.05 below.


  • Interviews – Option included to turn off or extend the interview timer – you can find this option in Preferences>Gameplay Settings>Press Interview Time Limit.
  • Fixed an issue where race fuel load was insufficient to finish a race after using the race strategy practice program in a restarted practice session – NOTE: This fix will only apply after you go to the next Race Weekend. You may also have to complete a Race Strategy Practice Programme for it to take full effect.
  • Addressed issues with Thrustmaster T300 wheel on PC
  • Game now works with AMD Phenom CPU’s and no longer requires the use of the Beta workaround
  • Updated the Abu Dhabi tyre compound selections.
  • Fixed a crash when fast forwarding an instant replay.
  • Resolved an issue where AI team mates could become stuck queuing in the pit lane.
  • Updated the Baku track map to include all DRS detection zones.
  • Improved game stability and various other fixes, including fixing the most common crashes on PC and PS4.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the last corner of Shanghai.
  • Addressed an issue where resolution changes cause partial black screens during cut-scenes on


  • Fixed an issue where hosting a lobby after leaving a classic race resulted in some players being locked to soft tyre compounds
  • Resolved an issue where a dedicated spectator who is a client can get de-synced information for pit lane status in the position list
  • Fixed a crash when spectating qualifying sessions
  • Improved game stability and various other fixes

That wraps up the latest F1 2018 patch. If you want full details on the post, you can check it out by clicking this link.

As of a few minutes ago, PS4 users will now have access to patch 1.05.

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