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DIRT 5 Delayed Into November

Dirt 5 Gameplay Screen

During the Inside Xbox event back in May, Microsoft revealed footage for DIRT 5, the latest Codemasters rally racing game. Back then, the game was slated for an October release date on current-gen consoles. Today, Codemasters announced that current-gen DIRT 5 would be delayed until November 6. This is a little under a month after its previously announced October 16 release date.

DIRT 5 Screenshot
Screenshot of DIRT 5 via their Twitter.

In a press release, Codemasters says the delay will make sure all versions of DIRT 5 launch in a shorter window. This checks out. While Codemasters does not say anything about a simultaneous gen launch, November 6 would be safely within the next-gen release window. The Xbox Series X has announced a November release, and it’s rumored that the PlayStation 5 will follow.

The good news is, regardless of its launch window, DIRT 5 will receive a cross-gen upgrade. Codemasters tweeted in August that DIRT 5 would be a free upgrade from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to its next-gen counterparts. It also revealed that players who pre-ordered DIRT 5 would get three days early access. Presumably, this will carry over to the new November release date.

DIRT 5 Details, What We Know

We’ve learned a lot about DIRT 5 this summer. In June, Codemasters revealed the trailer for Career mode. You’re a rookie racer looking to make it big, and V.A. titans Troy Baker and Nolan North will be there to guide you. Last month’s Playgrounds trailer highlighted elements of DIRT 5’s track editor. It also revealed three DIRT 5 game modes: Gate Crasher, Gymkhana, and Smash Attack. If reading about features isn’t doing it for you, we got a hands-on look at DIRT 5, including footage of what it’s like racing under the beautiful Northern Lights.

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