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Dirt 5 is Officially A Next-Gen Launch Title

Codemasters announced it would be delaying the release of DIRT 5 last week. It wanted both its current-gen and next-gen releases to be in a smaller window. The announcement sparked speculation that DIRT 5 would be a next-gen launch title. With the leak, and subsequent official announcement that the Xbox Series X and S will go on sale November 10, Codemasters has confirmed this speculation.

DIRT 5 will be launching along-side the next generation of Xbox, the Xbox Series X, on November 10. That shrinks the release window considerably, with the current-gen DIRT 5 launching just four days earlier on November 6. Accompanying the announcement is new gameplay footage. Watch the daring C. Masters race on New York’s frozen East River, while fireworks and pyrotechnics light up the night sky.

Honestly, I can’t get over how gorgeous this game looks. The vibrant pops of color illuminate the darkness. Realistic racers are not my thing, but the visuals in these gameplay trailers have been testing my resolve. It’s neon, and it’s a vibe I’m very into.

Footage of an Ice Breaker event by Roosevelt Island, via the official DIRT Youtube channel.

Let’s say you aren’t buying an Xbox Series S/X at launch. Or, you can’t decide if you want to play the game on November 6 or just wait and get the full next-gen experience. The good news is, you don’t have to make that decision. Thanks to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service, your Xbox One copy of DIRT 5 will upgrade to an Xbox Series S/X copy whenever you choose to make the upgrade, free of charge.

DIRT 5 launches on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 6. DIRT 5 will be a launch title on the Xbox Series S/X on November 10, and come to the PlayStation 5 later this year. There is a Google Stadia version planned for early 2021, if that’s your style.

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