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F1 2016: Career Trailer and Multiplayer Championship

Today, Codemasters officially unveiled their new career mode trailer for F1 2016. The trailer reveals a few key features players can look forward to. Most of the announced features focus on the moments before the race. You choose your avatar and number, sign for one of the 11 teams, take the pre-race lap and even experience the drama of a manual start. You will be in control of race strategy and – of course – your skill will determine how well you place.

All of your decisions will have a bearing on your career. Do you start your career with a top team, who expect a lot from your inexperienced driver? Do you select a better driver to be your teammate, knowing he might expect to be the number 1 driver on the team. It’s all up to you.

Once you’re off the track, you can upgrade your car by consulting the Research and Development Engineer, and by completing practice sessions. You could use this to lead your team to greatness, or you could use your agent to transfer to a team who are already great. Again, the choice is yours.

F1 2016 will also feature a brand new game mode called Multiplayer Championship. This exciting new feature allows groups of up to 22 players to duke it out over the course of a season. It’s a great addition for those who love competition, and the seasons are saveable.

F1 2016 releases for PS4, Xbox 1 and Pc on August 19.

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