F1 22 Cross-play Launches This Month

Time to play with more friends

F1 22 cross-play

EA Sports has announced that F1 22 cross-play will launch in full later in August.

As more players game on different platforms, F1 22 will allow players to join each other in game regardless of system. That includes current- and last-gen consoles as well as those on PC.

“Cross-play brings all our players together and allows them to settle the score of who is the best driver across all platforms,” said Lee Mather, F1® Senior Creative Director at Codemasters, via press release “Cross-play also allows us to create better matchmaking opportunities so players can compete against rival racers with similar attributes.” 

While cross-play will be available for everyone, there is the option to turn it off via the game’s settings. Players who wish to take advantage of the feature will even be able to invite friends from other systems straight from the in-game lobby.

Ahead of the full launch, players will be able to get their first taste of F1 22 cross-play from August 5-7 and August 12-14 for testing. The feature will be available for Social Race and the Two-Player Career Mode within the game.

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