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Forza Horizon 4 Update Includes Additions of ‘Express Delivery’ Story and Accessibility Menu

Forza Horizon 4

The latest update for Forza Horizon 4 is now out, and it includes several new changes, including the addition of an accessibility menu and a new story mode.

Latest Forza Horizon 4 Update

The Forza team has added a new story entitled ‘Express Delivery.’ The nine-chapter story focuses on the player making deliveries for Edinburgh entrepreneur Billy Stoakes. Gamers will deliver various goods as Stoakes grows his business.

In addition, an accessibility menu has been added. Gamers can now turn subtitles on and off at the start screen, as well as adjust the map filters and the colorblind and high contrast visibility features.

Here are the full notes for the March 10 patch:


Introducing the Accessibility Menu, accessible via the Title Screen or the Settings tile of the Pause Menu. Colorblind and High Contrast modes will reside here, alongside all subtitle-related settings. We’ve also added the following Accessibility features:

Subtitle Keyword Highlighting – We’ve added an option for bolding keywords in all subtitles! This option is intended to assist anyone who has trouble reading our subtitles quickly.

Map Filter Icons – The Map Filter list is now adorned with icons to help guide players to the Event Types they’re looking for. They are also quite pretty.


This update includes 8 new Achievements related to the Express Delivery Story, Upgrade Heroes Story, and the recently-added LEGO Speed Champions Bugatti Chiron.


This newest Remix pits Isha’s very own Austin Taxi against the Behemoth! It’s transportation giant versus inflatable giant, through the snowy hills of Glen Rannoch.


The returning Showcase Remix ‘Supersonic vs Superfast’ features the Horizon Delta-Wing and the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Complete the original Delta-Wing Showcase in order to unlock this Remix.


  • Improved the search functionality for UGC Blueprints. Players can now search by Lap Count.
  • Improved the appearance of text in High Contrast Mode, by removing drop shadow on completed elements
  • Changed the distance to destination in The Eliminator to be as the crow flies, rather than following the road network
  • Reduced the chance of a Head-to-Head in The Eliminator ending up outside of the Arena wall
  • Fixed an issue where players using Manual with Clutch controller settings were stalling at race start
  • Added Police front bumper to ’96 Chevy Impala SS.
  • Improved wiper animation for Lexus LFA


  • No PC-specific fixes.


  • No Xbox-specific fixes.

For more Forza news, be sure to keep checking out the SGO site.



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