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Forza Horizon 4’s Post-Launch Plans

Forza Horizon 4

If you preordered Forza Horizon 4’s Ultimate Edition, you’re only days away from accessing the game. Microsoft has revealed their plans for post-launch support for Forza Ultimate 4 and it should make racing fans extremely happy.

Right off the bat, Microsoft has announced five new season events, a new co-op event, and a new speed trap challenge. These events will launch within the first week. The co-op event is called Trial.

Welcome to the Forzathon 

Frozathon is coming! A new weekly challenge will allow you to earn currency that you can use in the Forzathon shop. New items will be updated weekly. You’ll also be able to unlock the Ferrari 812 while car pass holders can unlock two new cars.

The structure of these Forzathon challenges will be relatively similar. A new weekly challenge will drop, you’ll complete it, earn in-game currency and unlock a new car. Week 2’s car will be the 911 GT3 RS 19.

Week 3 will kick off winter’s Forzathon challenge and bring three new season events, a new trial, and a new danger sign challenge. You’ll also unlock the Chevrolet ZR2 while car pass holders will get another two free cars.

Week 4 is your spring season which will bring more seasonal events, more trials and the Honda Civic 18. Again, car pass holders will get more free cars.

October 25th Major Content Update

Forza Ultimate 4 already has a massive update ready to go on October 25. This update will add the much-requested route creator. The route creator is a spiritual successor for Forza Horizon’s 3 blueprint races.

Players will be able to create their own routes and share them online by simply driving up to any of the races available in the world. I watched Inside Xbox’s video on the route creator and it looks very user-friendly. It also doesn’t look like there are many limitations to the creator which should provide some incredible content for users going forward.

October 25th is also going to bring a new Horizon Story titled “British Racing Green”. This story is going to add ten events. Through these ten events, “British Racing Green” will detail Britain incredibly rich automotive history.

The October 25th patch should also bring a Halloween-inspired event that will reportedly bring skins and new spooky horns.

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