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Gran Turismo 7 Showcased at State of Play

The seventh installment of the Sony mainstay, Gran Turismo, enjoyed the spotlight during the 2/2 state of play. Producer of the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi, gave us viewers an in-depth look at the beloved racing franchise. The game will release on March 4, 2022, for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. Here is what you can expect from Gran Turismo 7.

An In-Depth Look at Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 marks 25 years of the Gran Turismo series. The team regards it as the “pinnacle” of the GT journey. The aim is to create an experience that new and old fans of the series can enjoy. GT7 contains over 400 cars from automobile brands around the world. At launch, players can enjoy racing in 34 locations with 97 layouts. It includes real-world and fantasy circuits. More tracks will be added in future updates.

World Map

The World Map of GT7 serves as the menu to the various features available in-game. The inspiration was to create a paradise-like environment that represents car culture. When you begin the campaign, you will have in-game credits, to purchase a compact car. From there, you will progress through the campaign to unlock new vehicles and upgrade the ones you have. It is similar to the traditional GT campaign.

GT Cafe

A new feature is the GT cafe. It’s located at the center of the map. Players will have a car collection menu. Complete each menu by winning races, championships, and exploring the car resort. Completing these menus will give players a history of the cars and the culture around them.

Brand Central

Brand central is the marketplace of GT7. Here, you can purchase roughly 300 car models from 2001 and later. Manufactures from around the world have gathered here. It also includes a museum to learn about the brands.

Used Cars

Gran Turismo 7 also features an array of used cars available for purchase in-game. Some will sell at a higher price than the original release. This includes cars sold in the 90s that have enjoyed a popularity resurgence. The library will update and change slightly every day.

Legend Cars

Legend Cars is the place to enjoy iconic cars from different periods like the 1945 Jeep Willys MB. These cars have an allure that withstands the test of time even after 100 years.

World Circuit

At launch, players can enjoy racing in 34 locations with 97 layouts. It includes real-world and fantasy circuits. Maps from previous GT games like Trial Mountain will see a return in GT7, with stunning modern visuals. Custom race mode allows players to combine conditions to make a unique experience.

License Mode

 License mode makes its return and is still as challenging as ever. GT7 also enjoys practice tracks that you can enjoy before chasing the gold.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer is also back in GT7. You can enjoy playing couch split-screen with family or friends. You can also go online to lobbies and meeting places. In sport mode, you can compete in races with players all around the globe.

Visuals and Simulation

Remarkable visuals and simulation are at the forefront of GT7. The Playstation 5 version of GT7 will feature ray-tracing to produce photo-realistic graphics for the cars and even the weather. The team studied weather reports to simulate weather changes in different areas. The weather will affect how your cars maneuvers in these conditions.

Replay Mode

Replay mode allows players to view their races back. GT7 adds a music replay mode that will generate camera shots to match the music playing in the background. Camera position and camera cuts a generated randomly and will look different in every viewing.

Car Physics 

The team consulted with experts to give realistic physics to the cars of GT7. The feedback of the cars feels close to their real-life counterparts. The haptic feedback and vibration allow for a new level of immersion. Changing different parts of your car, like the suspension, will change how it drives.


Scapes is another new mode of GT7. It serves as the photo mode but with a twist. You can have realistic photos that would be difficult to catch for even the savviest photographers. Some of the backgrounds are captured from real-life places. 

As stated before, Gran Turismo 7 releases on March 4, 2022. Let us know how you are feeling below. Are you excited about Gran Turismo 7?

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