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Gran Turismo 7 Update Draws Backlash From Fans

The latest update to Gran Turismo 7 has arrived. It addresses a variety of quality of life issues and online play. The update also adds broadcast mode. However, it has not been received well by fans. The update seemingly puts players at a precipice of participating in a time-consuming grind or using microtransactions. 

Gran Turismo 7 in Hot Water

Credits are the in-game currency of Gran Turismo 7. Players earn credits by participating in races. You can utilize the credits to buy other vehicles, cosmetics, or purchases parts to maximize the potential of a vehicle. You can also purchase credits by using real-world cash. 

In the new update, however, the number of credits players earn by completing races has been drastically reduced. 

In some cases, the credits received have been reduced by half. As a Reddit thread details, races like Fisherman’s Ranch have dropped from paying 65k credits to 30k credits; Goodwood’s payout has fallen from 35k to 12k, and Suzuka Circuit has been lowered from 75k to 50k. 

It doesn’t seem to be anomalous either. Players have noted at least 24 races paying significantly less than they did before the update.

For collectors, the grind will be more tedious than before. They will have to spend even longer grinding races to be able to purchases legendary vehicles. As a result, this will push players to utilize microtransactions. 

This does not bode well for the long-standing racing franchise. Players have historically been against microtransactions of any kind, or at least forced ones. There was little information to suggest that credit payouts needed to be modified. Most fans felt the grind was challenging enough to earn top-of-the-line cars. 

The GT7 subreddit has been fervently against the sudden push for microtransactions. Polyphony, the GT7 development team, has not responded to the backlash the update has received. 

Let us know how you’re feeling below about the changes in Gran Turismo 7.

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