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Hot Wheels Unleashed Announces Design Battle Contest

Mattel and Milestone announced the first Hot Wheels Unleashed design contest. Players will have the chance to have their designs come to life as a real-life Hot Wheels toy.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Design Battle Contest

Hot Wheels Unleashed Design Battle is an exclusive contest for the community of the arcade racing game of the same name. For decades, Hot Wheels has pushed the limits of automotive performance and design. Their passion celebrates the designers and builders who express themselves through boundless vision, and committing endless to the creation of the beloved toy cars. This week, Hot Wheels honors this same garage spirit, now in digital form, through the launch of the Design Battle contest. The contest runs between January 14 through February 14.

Participants will design a livery for the Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger die-cast model. They will need to use the in-game Livery Editor. The winning Rodger Dodger gets transformed into a physical Hot Wheels toy (scale 1:64) available for purchase in December 2022. Those interested in participating can check out the rules here. The Hot Wheels Unleashed Design Battle starts today on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, as well as Steam.

Getting behind the wheel

Not familiar with Hot Wheels Unleaded? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. Hot Wheels Unleashed shrinks players to compete in toy-sized competitive racing. Although the idea of a Hot Wheels theme game may be niche on paper, if you like arcade racers, then this game is worth a try. Despite details provided, it’s impossible to know how well a game plays until you play it. The game powers through a niche market to deliver a competitive and fun experience. Not only that, the visuals of the game are beautiful albeit they will not break any records. Overall, the game sets an immersive atmosphere from the visuals to flavor text of certain game modes. I’m not the biggest Hot Wheels toy fan, but I am definitely a fan of Hot Wheels Unleashed. Not convinced? Then check out our Unleashed review.

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Wess Agar
Wess Agar
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tom ferna
tom ferna
5 months ago

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1 day ago
Reply to  tom ferna

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