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NASCAR 21 Possibly Coming to the Nintendo Switch

When Motorsport games announced NASCAR 21, it seemed like it would give the racing sim a fresh restart. New features and a switch to the Unreal 5 engine gives the game the spark it needed. The game is ready to be confirmed on PC and console this year, but could it be added to the Nintendo Switch?

NASCAR 21 on the Switch?

The Ceo of Motorsport Games, Dmitry Kozko, was seen to be playing a NASCAR title on the switch. Now, this does all but confirm NASCAR 21 is coming to the switch. However, that does mean there is a chance. Earlier this month, Kozko said in an interview he was looking to expand the player base of the NASCAR games. 

He said, “In 2021, we plan to release a couple of more games and expand our platforms. One thing that we’re actively working on is bringing NASCAR to the Nintendo Switch platform. That’s going to be the first time on Nintendo Switch.”

He continued, “We’re excited about that, especially the fact that that tends to reach a younger demographic. So both us and NASCAR are excited about that move.”

With Motorsport games dropping the Heat series in favor of just calling it NASCAR 21 and adding it to the Switch, the company seems set to accomplish that very goal. It has been nine years since a NASCAR title hit a Nintendo console. NASCAR The Game: Inside Line was the last title to see a Nintendo based launch. NASCAR’s new title appears to be ending that drought.

Since the first announcement of NASCAR 21, it has been relatively quiet, but if this year is still the release window, we will hear something or see something pretty soon. 

Are you excited to see NASCAR 21 on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know down below in the comments.

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14 days ago


Chris Barfield
Chris Barfield
16 days ago

I hope they release it for switch

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