NASCAR Rivals Game Modes, Features, and More

Thanks, Best Buy

NASCAR Rivals, which was revealed via a different store post last week, has had its game modes and features revealed through its store page on Best Buy’s website.

Launching for the Nintendo Switch on October 14, 2022, NASCAR Rivals is set to be the official NASCAR video game for the 2022 racing season from Motorsport Games. The game will feature the teams, drivers, cars, and schedule from the current season.

Included in the new game will be a paint booth that first showed up in NASCAR 21 Ignition. In addition to that, the game will have 40-player multiplayer lobbies. That said, there’s no mention if private lobbies will be available.

NASCAR Rivals Game Modes and Features

The information below all comes directly from the Best Buy listing.

Career Mode

Join an existing NASCAR Cup Series team or create your own in this revamped Career Mode that allows you to build your legacy and compete for the NASCAR Cup Series title.

Race Now

Select any driver and compete at any track on the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season schedule, with options on changing the race length, tire and fuel consumption, and more.

Challenge Mode

Brand-new Challenges in which players attempt to beat or accomplish scenarios inspired by real on-track events.

Online Multiplayer

Race online with up to 40 players in online lobbies

Split Screen Multiplayer

Battle head-to-head against your friends in full race weekends with AI or on your own

Local Multiplayer

Compete with up to 16 players using Bluetooth to connect locally

Paint Booth

Even more enhancements, including new number fonts, sponsor decals, and schemes.

Gameplay Enhancements

Improved AI, more player camera options and DNFs.

Joy-Con Wheel Compatibility

Put the control in your hands with the Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel Pair to race in single-player or split screen multiplayer modes

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