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New Gameplay From NASCAR Heat 5 Featured in SGO Showcase 2020

Our SGO Showcase is in the books, but that doesn’t mean we are doing showcasing some of the new sports games that will be released in the near future. NASCAR Heat 5 was one of the games that was a part of our showcase, and we have more gameplay to show off.

New Gameplay from NASCAR Heat 5

704 Games Community Manager Justin Sutton and NASCAR Heat 5 game developer Elliot Henderson gave us a glimpse of what NASCAR Heat 5 will look, as well as what new features will be in this year’s game.

One of the new modes that will be in NASCAR Heat 5 is a ‘Test Session’ mode, one that Henderson stated was “highly requested” by the gaming community. The new mode will allow gamers to test their racing skills, as well as their setup without having to deal with the AI. On the new mode, Henderson told SGO, “It (Test Session) is a good tool to let people get away from AI racing and dealing with that…and you can, just, hop in to a Test Session all by yourself, mess with your setup and come back out with, hopefully, the proper direction and a race-winning setup.”

Online Challenges were also added to NASCAR Heat 5. This new mode will allow gamers to compare their play against others through challenge scenarios. These scenarios, according to Henderson, will be updated regularly.

On top of that, there will also be Online Challenge leaderboards which will be broken down into settings. The new leaderboards will be broken down by Normal, Hard and Expert settings.

The hope with this addition, according to Henderson, is that people who play on easier levels will try to graduate to harder difficulties. “So we’re hoping that maybe this will take those people who play Normal mode or Hard mode and give them a little bit (of) extra incentive to go and try Expert mode and see how they fare against other people like that.” In addition, Henderson hopes that this addition will bring the greater NASCAR gaming community together.

Check out the full video featuring Sutton and Henderson down below:



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