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New Project Cars 2 Details Emerge. 2017 Release Confirmed

Project Cars 2 has officially been announced. The new trailer has dropped and it showcases new weather conditions and tracks. It also confirms a “late 2017” release date.

There are many of the same frames from the leaked trailer we covered last month. However, there are several shots that have not been seen in the leaked trailer. On top of that, we now have music and the roar of the exotic race-tuned cars.

That’s not all, new details have emerged for the upcoming racing sim. The original Project Cars delivered a rich and authentic track racing experience, but it had its problems and lacked many online features to make it a seriously competitive experience. Well it seems like Project Cars 2 developers Slightly Mad Studios have been listening.

More licenced tracks & cars

Project Cars 2 will feature 170 licenced cars from famous brands and will include the largest track list ever seen in a racing game on console according to the developers.

Dynamic weather with seasons

The first game had dynamic weather and lighting. It seems like the developers want to take that even further this time with seasons. So if you wanted to, you can race on a track around Mt Fuji in the spring with the pink-blossomed trees, you can race in winter in the snow. Or you can race on a crisp winter sunny day with the low winter sun, with the sunlight beaming into the lens. It truly is dynamic.

Highly detailed tracks

Slightly Mad Studios have really gone the full way to ensure that Project Cars 2 has the most authentic representation of the real life tracks. They sent out drones to fly around and capture every single angle, inch by inch.

Live Track 3.0

Usually in a racing game when it rains, the track gets wet. Puddles may form at certain parts of the track. In this game, it goes beyond that. They have modelled the track to such detail, puddles will build up in real time in lower parts of the track, exactly in the same spots that it does in the real life track.

Thanks to the highly detailed capture of all the tracks, they’ve even mapped where all the drains are on the track if the track has a draining system. On top of this, if you go off the track onto the grass and dirt, when you slide back onto the track, mud will fly onto the track and stay there. This will actually affect the grip of other cars or yourself when going over the mud left on the track. This is incredibly detailed stuff. It is quite mind-blowing in fact.

Online Championship mode

So previously in the first game, one of the biggest flaws about the online was the inability to create tournaments. If you wanted to create racing leagues or tournaments, you had to do it the old fashioned way. Get a pen and paper out, write down the names, tally up the points, and create a whats app group telling your buddies when the next race is going down.

Now it’s all built into the game. It’s much needed! The game will now automatically assign points to the championship table based on where people finished. So no more having to do the math yourself. On top of that, you now can save replays and create highlight reels of the race championship. This could be vital for content creators on YouTube and Twitch.

In addition to this, you can also set a reminder on PS4 to players in the championship and it will boot up the game and take you straight to the championship lobby.

New broadcasting options

This new addition is something that again was seriously needed, and this could genuinely take Project Cars to the eSports scene. This will also be a dream come true to any content creators and streamers who host these big private competitive championships.

Now you can assign a director. The director can stream the championship to Twitch and then can control the camera angles people see, what overlay people see, people’s times, what player to spectate and more. It will almost look like watching a race on TV. As well as this, you can also assign a caster to the race who can commentate and spectate all the players. This all allows for a really intuitive and professional live stream. I am sure this will be hugely successful on Twitch.

There’s even more, all project car streams will be built into the game so that you can see all of the exciting championship streams going on right now, and can watch it directly from inside the game. It’s a fantastic move from the developers.

Online ranked matches

Another highly requested feature is to have a real skill based matchmaking system for online. Now in PC2 every time you race online, your performance will be judged and you will be given a rank. This rank will go up and down based on how you perform. This will create a truly competitive racing environment to the online.

This will actually carry out to how you play too. If you decide to start trolling people by deliberately crashing into people, sitting in the middle of the road causing a pile up and the usual trolling antics in racers, you will be paired in future with people who do the exact same! This way the serious racers can have a proper race with other serious racers, and the people who want to mess around can have one huge destruction derby match in their own match.

Project Cars 2 is teeing up to be a real sequel. The next instalment will arrive late 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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