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PAX East 2016 Game Spotlight: Thumb Drift

Today at PAX East, we got you a closer look on one of the most unique mobile racing games on the market: Thumb Drift, developed by SMG Studio. Thumb Drift is available on Android and iOS for freeWe spoke with a PAX East Indie Showcase representative who helped with feedback in developing the game. He gave us some background on the game.

“The game was initially released in February, and has been doing well since. Feedback from users really helped polish the game.”

Since then the game has taken off, and they scored a better booth this year at PAX. Last year they were apart of a larger group of games in a less attractive area, but this year they have two booths, and much better name recognition. Overall this year has been a big step forward for SMG Studio, and their work at PAX East was just part of it. The showcase representative was really enthusiastic about how well they were doing this year at PAX.

“People keep coming up to the booth and telling me how much they love the game already, and other people are telling me they can’t wait to download it.”

This game is very different than many other mobile games in how you turn. To turn you drag the car and you drift. It is not like the tapping or tilting mechanism that many games use. If you have never played a game with this control scheme it can be hard to get used to, but once you do the game feels so smooth.

An update is coming soon for Thumb Drift, bringing with it some new game modes and vehicles. No major changes will be added to the game, just some new additions to keep the game fresh. The game will continue to develop as long as there is a fan-base around to play it.

With Thumb Drift’s success, SMG Studio looks to expand their horizons. This year at PAX East they also had their newest game: Death Squared. It is a cooperative puzzle game that is set to be released on Steam and console in mid 2016.

Check back here tomorrow for more exclusive PAX East 2016 coverage. We will be doing another racing game spotlight tomorrow on Grip, a futuristic combat racer also at PAX.

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