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Ubisoft Delivers Details on The Crew 2

The Crew 2

During their E3 presentation, Ubisoft showed off their new trailer for the Crew 2.

While the first trailer contained only cut scenes and scripted clips, it did show off the fact that players can race cars, boats, and planes.

During the presentation, Ubisoft revealed another video that gave us a bit more info than the initial trailer.

On race tracks, they showed us cars fighting for the strategic advantage. In the streets, cars tore through the roads. The added hazards of traffic and non-uniformed roads always add a level of unpredictability and excited for me in a racing game.

Off road, we saw a glimpse of dune buggies and dirt bikes tearing through the open desert and jumping off grassy hills in the country. The uneven terrain and wildness of the surroundings look like a fun way to mix up standard stunt driving.

Boat races will take place both in the open ocean and in the winding veins of rivers. The physics for boat racing looked noticeably different from the driving portions. And as someone who likes variety, that intrigued me.

While Ubisoft showed little about plane and helicopter races, they did show them winding through the buildings of a city, buzzing the ground below, and doing some stunts. The gameplay looked a bit slower than the other three, which hopefully makes it more thoughtful and less about twitch reactions.

The final image before the ending info showed the main character with cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, and a monster truck behind him. While they didn’t show any footage of the monster truck, I am excited to drive that one most of all. I hope it isn’t just eye candy.

If you’re amped and want to try The Crew 2 out, you can sign up for the beta at

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