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WRC 9 Now Available On Xbox Series X|S


Fans of rally racing will finally get to drive into next-gen. NACON and KT Racing’s WRC 9 dropped alongside the release of the Xbox Series X|S today. That’s if you were lucky enough to get a pre-order to stick, and your Xbox isn’t delayed into 2021.

The Jump to Next Gen in WRC 9

The biggest thing WRC 9 on the Xbox Series X|S has to offer is 4k, 60 FPS gameplay. They released next-gen footage to prove it (though coincidentally it’s captured on a PlayStation 5). Honestly, if you want to dip into rally racing but can’t afford a next-gen console, WRC 9 on current gen is still here for you.

If you already own WRC 9, or you want to play the game before your Xbox Series X|S arrives, you don’t have to worry about spending the money twice. WRC 9 is part of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service. This means players who own the game on Xbox One will receive a copy of the game for Xbox Series X|S free of charge. The free upgrade includes the first piece of free DLC and the Blind Jump update, which released two weeks ago. A second free DLC, which includes a new co-op Co-drive Mode, is set to release in the near future. All in all, it’s a good time to get into World Rally Championship.

At least, we think so. Resident SGO reviewer Kevin Finley gave it an 8/10. “In the racing genre, expectations from a content standpoint are pretty straightforward,” he said in our review. “The question comes down to does it deliver in experience. After spending some time behind the wheel, I can say WRC 9 delivers.”

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