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Rugby 18 Developers Host Q&A Session

Rugby 18

Via YouTube, Bigben Games replied to the most frequent questions from the community concerning Rugby 18. You can watch the video above or simply continue below for the breakdown.

Bigben Rugby 18 Q&A

  • Will there be licensed tournaments and teams?

Rugby 18 will include some of the most famous teams and tournaments such as the AVIVA Premiership, TOP 14, PRO D2, Scotland, Wales, Australia, France, South Africa and Italy.

  • Can I create my own team?

In the My Squad mode, you’ll be able to build your dream team by selecting the best official players from all the major leagues. To recruit players, you’ll have to use squad points. These will be received at the end of each match in all game modes. In addition, you can earn them when completing match objectives and answering the loading screen quizzes.

  • Can I create and customize my own character?

Choices have to be made during development so players get the best possible game in time without compromising quality. Custom character creation is a feature we had to cut in order to focus on gameplay.

  • What about the career mode?

In the Career mode, you’ll guide your favorite team to victory. Recruit the best players using the money you earn from your wins, adjust your formation and strategy between matches and take the team to the top of the Elite Division. In addition to the Career mode, Rugby 18 will include a dedicated Championship mode. You’ll be able to play a full season of your favorite championships.

  • Will there be the Super Rugby license?

Unfortunately no. While we tried to get as much official content as possible, we weren’t able to get every team and championship.

  • Will players look like their real-life counterparts?

All the players in the game are based on their real-life counterparts. So, they will look like and be named just like them.

  • Are players limited to their conventional position?

Players will naturally follow their conventional positions, but you can take control of anyone at any given time and get them wherever you want.

  • Will there be official stadiums?

While we tried to get as much official content as possible, we did have to make some licensing choices. However, be sure that we have done our best to recreate the awesome atmosphere of traditional rugby stadiums from around the world.

  • Are there going to be different kicking options?

Kicking will have its own specific gameplay in Rugby 18, with many possible outcomes. During your game session, you’ll have plenty of possible options such as bombs, deeps, grubbers, drops, and, of course, penalty kicks.

  • Will there be an online multiplayer mode?

Rugby 18 will feature an online and offline multiplayer mode in which you’ll be able to play against your friends and all the best players around the world.

  • How difficult is it to learn the game?

When you’ll first start the game, you’ll have a tutorial to help you to easily understand the basics. However, it’ll take some time to master every technical aspect of the gameplay and become the best Rugby 18 player.

Rugby 18 will be out for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 October 27. Want to talk sports and/or games with the fastest growing community in gaming? Join the conversation in the comment section below as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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