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Rumor: Cheaper Xbox Series X Model To Be Revealed in August

Xbox Series X

A report from Eurogamer may have indicated when we could expect the reveal of a cheaper Xbox Series X model: the Xbox Series S.

Report on Xbox Series S

Per Eurogamer, the original plan was for Microsoft to officially unveil the Xbox Series S at E3 2020. E3 would have given Microsoft the opportunity to fully explain the concept of the console and show gamers how it stacks up to the Xbox Series X.

That scenario, however, never materialized thanks to COVID-19. Thanks to the cancellation of the yearly game show, as well as the slowdown in production, Microsoft was forced to re-think how it was planning to unveil the console.

Earlier this month, VentureBeat reported that the plan was to unveil the cheaper console sometime in the month of August. Eurogamer seemed to confirm that report earlier today.

While Microsoft has not confirmed this to be the case (nor has it actually confirmed that it exists), it would make sense for it to reveal it later this summer. Considering that the Xbox Series X is slated to be released later this summer, it would be a wise decision for the company to unveil the cheaper console to consumers months in advance. This would give gamers who have tight budgets (which most likely have become tighter thanks to the coronavirus) time to save up cash for the next-generation of consoles.



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