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RUMOR: FIFA 23 – Women’s Leagues, Cross-play, and Other Improvements

FIFA 23 will be launching this year. To nobody’s surprise, a few rumors have begun floating around. In a report by Tom Henderson via xFire and Twitter, he claims EA will be moving forward with FIFA 23, despite the disagreement over the licensing renewal; and the game will have a traditional launch and will not go free-to-play.

However, some of FIFA 23‘s most significant changes may include the introduction of cross-play, women’s football leagues, and improvements to Hypermotion technology.

Please remember these are rumors, and official news will be announced soon.

Onward With FIFA 23


Women in FIFA

According to Tom’s article, the women’s World Cup will make its first appearance in the series. Since female international teams were introduced in FIFA 16, Electronic Arts have slowly included female players. For the first time, players could play as a female in FIFA 22‘s Pro Clubs mode in last year’s game.

In addition to the women’s World Cup, official women’s leagues will be in the game, which leads to the possibility of playing career mode with a women’s team or as a female player.

fifa 22

Play with Friends Anywhere

For the first time, FIFA will be cross-play. Fans can play FIFA 23 together across all the title’s modes with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players.

There is no word on if FIFA 23 will be cross-generational. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely due to how different gameplay is thanks to Hypermotion technology on next-gen consoles.

Hypermotion Upgrade

Last year’s installment of FIFA saw a massive overhaul to its base gameplay thanks to Hypermotion technology. This year’s game will improve this feature by tenfold and now allows EA to capture animations from real football matches. This improvement is possible by using stadium cameras and eliminating motion capture suits.

Do you believe any of these FIFA 23 rumors? Let us know in the comments.

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