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SGO Inside Drive (5/9/2019): Madden 19 Championship Breaks Records, Descenders Patch And More!

Today marks another SGO Inside Drive. This time, we’ll be covering news regarding the Madden 19 Championship, Descenders, and more. As always, keep reading below for news you may have missed from this past week.

SGO 5/9: Record-Breaking Madden Finale & More

Madden 19 Championship Finale Breaks Viewership Records

SGO Inside Drive MaddenThe Madden NFL 19 Bowl, the final match in the Championship Series, broke franchise viewing records. It has now become the most-viewed event in Madden‘s history. The combined viewership of all platforms topped out at 97,000 viewers. This is 650 percent more than for the 2018 finale. Total viewership for the series in its entirety’ jumped 850 percent, reaching 2.5 million viewers. While these aren’t huge numbers for live-streams in general, they certainly put Madden on the map.

Descenders Receives Multiplayer 1.0 Update

For those who don’t know, Descenders allows players to compete in downhill mountain biking. In the game, players will descend procedurally generated worlds where mistakes have real consequences. With three specialized teams to represent, players can now partake in online head-to-head with the new Multiplayer 1.0 Update.

World Rally Championship 8 at E3

While WRC 8 was announced awhile back, Big Ben has now announced that the official World Rally Championship video game will be playable for the first time on the E3 show floor. WRC 8 will release this September for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

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