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SGO Weekly: WRC 9, New Street Power Soccer Mode and More! (8/2/2020 – 8/8/2020)

WRC 9 F1 2020 SGO Weekly

Once again, the SGO Weekly returns bringing news you may have missed from around sports gaming. Below, you’ll find details on WRC 9, a new mode for Street Power Soccer and more.

SGO Weekly: WRC 9, Street Power Soccer & More!

Lewis Hamilton F1 2020 Silverstone Hot Lap

Reigning World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, takes his recently redesigned Mercedes W11 around the Silverstone circuit in F1 2020.

WRC 9 heads back to Japan

With only four weeks left until the launch of WRC 9, Nacon reveals new details and showcases some new content. This week, they’ve introduced Rally Japan, a brand new rally requiring refined skills to overcome narrow asphalt roads and aggressive corners.

WRC 9 expects to release September 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store, followed by launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series X and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Street Power Soccer Trickshot mode trailer

SFL Interactive and Maximum Games released a new gameplay trailer featuring trickshot mode. Trickshot is a street style skill that requires precision and strategy. In the mode targets are placed and sometimes hidden throughout the playground waiting for players to hit them. Players are up against the clock and an increasing difficulty with some targets much harder to hit than others. Strategy will be key. Check out the trailer for Trickshot mode below.

Other news

Of course, be sure to catch additional coverage of other news from around sports gaming including:

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