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Skate 4 Coming Soon?


Is the Skate franchise making a comeback? It seems to just be a just a rumor for now. However, it does look like the popular skateboarding series will finally get a new episode in 2018.

Returning to Skate

Keep in mind, it’s a wild rumor powered by what was just released on a Swedish online store.Skate 4

As you can see, Skate 4 will be available for release in 2018, at a price of 599 Swedish Crowns, the equivalent of about $67.

If that’s not enough, in January Daniel Lingen, leader of EA’s Player Engagement Team, posted this tweet:

It doesn’t seem to have garnered much momentum since then. However, with this potential leak, it looks to be pretty evident that Skate 4 will be releasing in the near future.

The latest installment of the Skate franchise was released in 2010. It’s time to take some dust off your skateboards!

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