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15-Year-Old Survivor Kenton Doust Included in FIFA 17

Kenton Doust, a 15-year-old teenager from A Comox Valley in Canada was diagnosed with cancer in October 2015, after a CT scan revealed that he had 3 brain tumours. During his treatment at B.C Children’s Hospital, Kenton was given the option to contact the Make–A–Wish Foundation.

The Support From Whitecaps FC

Kenton is a huge fan of the soccer team Whitecaps FC. As a huge soccer fan, one of his idols is Lionel Messi. His original wish was to meet Messi, however that wish was not successful, so instead, he made a wish to be featured in his favourite video game FIFA. The Make-A-Wish Foundation went to work to make this happen.

During Kenton’s battle with cancer, his favourite soccer team got involved in supporting him. Whitecaps FC sent in one of their stars Russell Teibert. Teibert sent him a Christmas present and came to visit, they played some FIFA together and instantly bonded.

Holding midfielder Teibert visited Kenton regularly up until May 2016, when Kenton Doust received some miraculous news that he had won the battle with cancer. The Whitecaps midfielder was even in the room when Kenton received the amazing news.

Kenton said that his battle with cancer would have been even tougher if it wasn’t for the fantastic support from Whitecaps FC and Russel Teibert.

Wish Come True

Later in the year, EA contacted Kenton to invite him into the EA Sports offices to start work on making his wish come true. Now in December 2016, Kenton Doust has now made it into FIFA 17.

Doust is a head coach card in FIFA Ultimate Team. “ I increase people’s shooting by 5%” Doust says elatedly. Kenton also has his own personal FUT card as himself in the game available to play as in FUT, exclusive to him.

His stats are incredibly impressive too. 95 pace, 94 shooting and 94 dribbling takes his rating to a whopping 95 rating. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t like to go up against him on FUT.

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