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FIFA 17 Top 50 Ratings: 30-21

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The top 50 FIFA 17 ratings continue to be released in batches of 10. Today it’s 30-21.

30-Hazard-md-2x30: Eden Hazard – Chelsea: 88 Overall

The Belgian is one of the most dangerous wingers in FIFA this year. His combination of Pace (90) and dribbling (91) make him absolutely deadly down the flank, and his (82) Passing means he will have little trouble picking a pass. He may have had a difficult season last year, but he remains one of the most feared forwards in the game.

29-Chiellini-md-2x29: Giorgio Chiellini – Juventus: 88 Overall 

Good luck getting past this guy. He has a whopping (90) Defense, coupled with a very solid Physicality (85) he is a true rock at the back. His Pace (74) is not to be overlooked either, for while it isn’t fast, attackers won’t simply be able to run around him.

28-Cech-md-2x28: Petr Čech – Arsenal: 88 Overall

In a few years the helmeted shot-stopper will retire as one of the best the Premier League has ever seen. For now, he still plays at the highest level, adding solidity to an often porous Arsenal defense. At 6’5’’ he’s got a big wingspan and a high Handling (90) leaves you sure of his safe hands.

27-Kroos-md-2x27: Toni Kroos – Real Madrid: 88 Overall 

The Real Madrid midfielder is one of the most technically adept in the world. His Passing (88) is one of the highest in the game, and his Shooting (80) is nothing to sniff at. He also has a five-star weak foot. The only question mark in his game is his embarrassing Pace (45) which could leave the midfield exposed against more industrious opponents. Still, if you need someone to hit a lofted through ball, or a raking cross-field pass, he’s your man.

26-Buffon-md-2x26: Gianluigi Buffon – Juventus: 88 Overall 

The 86 year-old Goalkeeper has been amongst the top few keepers in the world for as long as I can remember. Actually, being 38 and going strong, there’s every chance he could appear on one of these lists as a 40 year-old soon. Unless he retires, of course. His stand-out rating is his Positioning (90), but you would expect someone who’s been playing for the best part of two decades to know where to stand.

25-Reus-md-2x25: Marco Reus – Borussia Dortmund: 88 Overall 

Reus is the FIFA 17 cover star, and there’s a case to be made that his rating was bumped accordingly. Such a case would only be down to the lack of match time he received recently due to injuries, and EA usually do not downgrade players due to injury woes. That being said, Reus will be a real threat on the wing. Lighting Pace (90), the ability to cut inside using his Dribbling (86) and then make use of his Shooting (85), Reus is going to be a nightmare for defenses.

24-Iniesta-md-2x24: Andres Iniesta – FC Barcelona: 88 Overall 

He just might be the most technically proficient midfielder in the world. Iniesta is almost the embodiment of Barcelona’s tiki taka style of quick and effective passing. He may be small, and he may lack Physicality (60), but his Dribbling (90) will almost always get him out of a tight spot, and his Passing (87) becomes the real danger.

23-Godin-md-2x23: Diego Godín – Atletico Madrid: 88 Overall 

Godín is the heart of Atletico Madrid’s defense. His Defense (88) is one of the absolute best and makes up for his lower physical stats. There aren’t going to be many better options at the back this year than Godín.

22-Lahm-md-2x22: Philipp Lahm – Bayern Munich: 88 Overall 

It is commonly said that most fullbacks were wingers who weren’t good enough at attacking, or center backs who weren’t big enough for the centre of defense. Lahm is the exception and has, for years, been the quintessential and best right back in the world. The Pace (67) may have left the 32 year-old’s legs, but his Dribbling (84), Passing (82) and Defense (86) make him an invaluable part of any defense.

21-DeBryune-md-2x21: Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City: 88 Overall 

Probably the best red-head in world football, De Bruyne is a classy and all-round attacking mid. He has the Dribbling (84) and four-star skills to beat defenders, as well as great Passing (86) which will likely include fantastic crossing ability. After that he is a real threat in front of goal with (83) Shooting.


If you want to check out the top 50-31 you can find them here and here, and remember to check back with Sports Gamers Online for all you FIFA 17 needs.

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