EA & LaLiga New Partnership expands to EA Sports FC

It’s easy to forget about EA’s newest football title with all the FIFA 23 news this week. Earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced its 30-year-long partnership with FIFA would end after FIFA 23. Since the announcement, EA has been slowly gearing up to launch its new football series, EA Sports FC. On Tuesday, the American publisher announced that it had expanded its partnership with Spanish top flight La Liga. 

This expansive new partnership will provide EA Sports FC with LaLiga’s branding package, two leagues, and cup competitions. La Liga host two of the biggest clubs in world football, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The deal between both companies will provide EA Sports FC with an authentic La Liga look and an immersive experience.

“EA SPORTS FC is committed to delivering the most authentic and immersive experiences in global football. Our innovative new partnership with LaLiga further elevates that ambition and solidifies both organizations’ position at the centre of football culture,” said David Jackson, Vice President of Brand, EA Sports FC. 

“The visible reach and scale of this partnership is deeply exciting, as is the opportunity to deliver incredible experiences for fans through in-game innovation, interactive entertainment and grassroots initiatives.”

More EA Sports FC News

Not much news about this new era of football games has surfaced, but a few rumors have made their way to the internet. 

Popular FIFA leaker FUTZone claims that EA Sports FC will feature an online career mode and that EA has worked on it for the last two years. Online Career Mode has been a highly requested feature in the FIFA community for years. However, it might be possible for Electronic Arts because of the split with FIFA, according to EA. 

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