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EA Officially Partners With Serie A

eFootball PES and FIFA have continued the most expensive game of tug-of-war. EA has all but confirmed its new licensing deal with Italian league Serie A. It’s important to note, this license does not include the teams. The Serie A are not affiliated with any media company’s like the Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga. Thus, Serie A does not come as a full package.

Over the past year, PES succeeded in taking several Italian club’s licenses such as Atalanta, Juventus, and Roma. While Atalanta kept their club’s name on FIFA, Juventus had their name change to Piemonte Calcio due to licensing issues. PES has also succeeded in getting other licenses like Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona. This licensing deal pushed Barcelona’s Stadium Camp Nou out of upcoming FIFA games in 2019. So, what does this mean for FIFA and the Serie A License?

FIFA’s New Serie A License

This news is coming from Cam, who is a PES content creator and news outlet via Twitter. Over a span of a few Tweets he explains how FIFA’s Serie A license will effect PES and FIFA. “Expect to see the official match ball, trophy, scoreboard package, ad boards, official league name, sleeve patches and branding and authenticity”. This isn’t something new with FIFA, EA have acquired entire leagues before featuring the Premier League, La Liga, and recently Bundusliga; Giving leagues their respected broadcast packages make matches look authentic and realistic.

Unfortunately, while this news is great for FIFA fans, PES will likely no longer feature branding affiliated with Serie A. Despite the license acquisition, it is expected Juventus and Roma to stay exclusive to eFootball PES.

Expect more news to come out about both titles as we get near their release dates. FIFA and PES will most likely continue their licensing war for future games to come. Fans can only hope the competitiveness of both developers leads to both games getting better with each year.

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