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FIFA 17 Career Mode Tips: Top 5 Players to Look Out For!

Not sure who your next big FIFA 17 Career Mode signing should be? Today we’re looking at the top 5 Players to keep an eye on.

Last week we went over the top 5 players to sign immediately, but here are the top five players you can’t sign straight away. Whether they recently moved to a new club, or they’re on loan, you’ll have to wait at least a year to pick them up. But boy is it worth it when you do. Bear in mind that the player growth may vary in your own saves.

  1. Timothy Fosu-Mensah

Age: 18
Rating: 71
Potential: 87

Kicking off this list is a tall and strong, technically adept midfielder playing for Manchester United. No it’s not Paul Pogba.

Fosu-Mensah starts the career rated 71, but grows to 74 over the first season. When you can buy him, he is a very reasonable 4.5 million pounds, and is still nowhere near his 87 potential. Already, however, you are getting a tall, strong defensive mid with good speed and a very handy pass. With his room to grow you could mold him into a deadly box-to-box, a stalwart defensive screen or even a ball-playing center back. Being so young, so versatile and such value easily lands him a place on this list. If you’re trying to build a quality team on a budget, he should be number one on your list of targets.


  1. Ousmane Dembélé

Age: 19
Rating: 77
Potential: 90

One of the most exciting attacking talents in world football, Dembélé is a serious player in FIFA 17 career.

When he is available for signing he’s grown to 80 Overall, which is still well off his ridiculous potential of 90. Dembélé is a prime goal-scoring winger, with 83 shooting, 92 dribbling, 87 pace and a 5-star weak foot. He’s a dynamic player and one of the absolute must-gets. Only problem keeping him from being higher on the list is his price. Dortmund will demand roughly 28 million pounds, which is not ridiculous but, as you will see, there are similar players for better prices.


  1. Breel Embolo

Age: 19
Rating: 76
Potential: 88

Embolo is blessed with an awesome name and awesome genes. There aren’t too many players who boast over 85 in sprint speed and strength. The man is a powerhouse.

He’s got good dribbling, and 4 star skill moves and weak foot, making him a very dangerous winger. The real trick to Embolo, however, is that he makes an even better striker. He can beat players, hold off strong defenders, he’s got height, and a good finish on him. You can buy him at 79 rating, so with an 88 potential there is room to turn him into a beast of a winger or a striker… or both. And I picked him up for a very reasonable 16.5 million pounds.


  1. Renato Sanches

Age: 19
Rating: 78
Potential: 90

Not many can claim to have lifted a major international trophy as a member of the starting lineup while still a teenager, and not many can actually pull of dreadlocks, but Renato Sanches is not a normal guy.

Every single one of his mental and physical stats is green, which is unusual for an 80-rated player, and is a testament to Sanches’ versatility. You can prize him away from Bayern for 21 million pounds, which is a lot, but they guy can almost be your whole midfield. His stamina is the real standout. And while he’s better going forward than defending, he can play anywhere in the center, and probably do a good job on the wing or even at full back in a pinch. The scary thing is that with 90 potential, just a bit of work on his passing will make him terrifying, but he can already do everything you need. This is a signing you have to make.


  1. Charly Musonda

Age: 19
Rating: 77
Potential: 88

Musonda was not going to top this list until I played a few games with him. You know how some players are just built for FIFA? Musonda is one of them. He is a discount Neymar, with the weird hair and jr. on the back to boot.

5 star skills, 5 star weak foot, 86 dribbling, 95 agility and 93 sprint speed. The boy is designed to destroy full-backs. The best part, thanks to Chelsea’s loan policy and deluge of young talent, you can get Musonda for only 14 million pounds – Half the price of Dembele! And rated 79 already, just imagine the carnage he can cause when he reaches his 88 potential. But you’ll have fun all the way there, because Musonda is one of the real joys to play in a game mode known for stodginess. Only real downside is he’ll ask for over 100 grand per week.

So there you have it, our top 5 players to look out for. Remember to come back for more FIFA 17 tips.

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