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FIFA 17: New Features Revealed


FIFA 17 hits the shelves in the United States on September 27 later this year. Today, EA announced some of the new features available in this year’s title. With that, the most anticipated soccer simulator of the year just got better.

Player Growth

In past game iterations, a player’s skills increased based entirely on the numbers they put up. The player growth system in FIFA 17, however, increases player ratings based on match rankings similar to 2K’s teammate grades. The updated growth system rewards players who make it a point to use teamwork, the most important aspect of the game in the real world.

How Match Ratings Work

Following a match, you will receiver a rating on a scale of 1-10 depending on your performance. The rating will take into consideration your offensive stats, defensive play, and teammate involvement. Over time, the match ratings will scale your abilities based on the position you play. For instance, a back’s defensive skills will increase more quickly than a forward’s defensive skills.


Not only do match ratings and position affect skill levels, but you can also choose different traits to boost your abilities. Traits apply bonuses to your Physical, Defending, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Pace, and Goalkeeping skills. Once purchased with skill points, traits afford you greater control over your player’s development.


This year, FIFA 17 allows you to create your own kits and crests for your pro club. You can create custom kits by choosing from 24 templates and tweaking them to your liking. Similarly, you can create crests by choosing a design and primary color. Unfortunately, these features are still limited, but they bring hope to fans eagerly awaiting to return of the Creation Center.


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