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FIFA 17 Top 50 Ratings: 10-4

FIFA 17 manuel Neuer

We’ve made it to the top 10 rated players in FIFA 17. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the top 3, but today we have number 10-4.

 10-DeGea-md-2x10: David De Gea – Manchester United: 90 Overall 

The Spanish keeper is one of 10 players to be rated in the 90s this year. He’s been the best goalkeeper in the Premier League for the last two seasons and that form has translated to a very high rating. All of his ratings are great, but his Reflexes (90) really stands out.

9-Lewa-md-2x9: Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich: 90 Overall 

Lewandowski will be one of the most feared strikers in this year’s FIFA, and for good reason. An outstanding Bundesliga campaign, topped with some incredible goals, lands the Pole with (85) Dribbling and (87) shooting. His physical ability is not to be disregarded either. There’s every chance you’ll be able to replicate his incredible five goal game.

8-Boateng-md-2x8: Jérôme Boateng – Bayern Munich: 90 Overall 

The top ranked defender in FIFA 17, Boateng is the definition of a beast. Tall, strong and with a ridiculous Defense (90), Boateng has everything you want a center back to have. He even has impressive Pace (79) for a 6’4’’ central defender. A rating well earned. That Bayern defence will be a nightmare, with every member of the back 4 making it into the top 50.

7-Zlatan-md-2x7: Zlatan Ibrahimović – Manchester United: 90 Overall 

It is a real credit to Ibrahimović that he continues to remain one of the very best players in the world well into his thirties. He was the top rated striker all the way back in FIFA 09, and he continues to produce the goods. Dribbling (85), Physicality (86), Passing (81), and outstanding Shooting (90), are all in the package of a 6’5’’ man with four-star weak foot and skill moves. Terrifying.

6-Bale-md-2x6: Gareth Bale – Real Madrid: 90 Overall 

The Welsh winger has always been known for his speed. Sure it may be a massive factor in his game, and make him one of the most used and abused players in FIFA 17, but to classify him as simply a pace merchant is to downplay his other considerable skills. His Dribbling (86) will be huge when running at defenses, and his (87) shooting is higher than most of the game’s strikers, let alone wingers. He may not be the main man in Madrid yet, but his leadership in Wales’ fantastic Euro campaign demonstrates his ability to run the show. Plus who doesn’t love a sneaky man-bun now that the fashion has passed?

5-Neuer-md-2x5: Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich: 92 Overall 

It will surprise no one to see Neuer as the highest rated goalkeeper in FIFA 17. The German ‘sweeper keeper’ will likely go down as one of the best keepers ever to play the game, and he’ll have plenty more years in Bavaria to etch his name in history. All of his stats are outstanding, with all but Pace at 89 or above. His Positioning (91) is the highest in the game, but it’s his Kicking (95) that is the true standout. Not only his kicking the highest rating in FIFA 17 as well, it is actually a major weakness for most of the other keepers in the top 50, and Neuer turns it into his strength. People often joke that Pep Guardiola would field 11 midfielders if he could, but during his time at Bayern the Spaniard knew he could trust in Neuer’s footballing ability both with his feet and his hands.

4-Suarez-md-2x4: Luis Suárez – FC Barcelona: 92 Overall.

Love him or hate him, it’s difficult to deny that Luis Suárez is an incredible footballer. Blessed with incredible feet and a nose for goal, Suárez is the first of Barcelona’s terrifying South American trio in the top 4. He is also the highest rated striker in the game, with exceptional Dribbling (87) and outstanding Shooting (90). Not to much more I can say about him, other than watch out!


Stay tuned tomorrow to see if Messi or Ronaldo can beat out Nicklas Bendtner to that number one spot. And if you need to catch up on the ratings here are 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, and 20-11.

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