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FIFA 17 Top 50 Ratings: 40-31

FIFA 17 Gameplay_what_to_expect

FIFA 17 continues to draw closer, and EA have begun releasing the ratings of the top 50 players. We looked at 50-41 recently, and here’s 40-31

40-Hand-md-2x40: Samir Handanovič – Inter Milan: 87 Overall

Although Inter Milan have been ailing for the last few years, Handanovič is proof they can still house elite-level talent. He has been excellent for a few seasons now, and he will be a sure set of hands in the net.

 39-Hummels-md-2x39: Mats Hummels – Bayern Munich: 87 Overall 

Hummels recently returned to his boyhood club, Bayern Munich, after performing at the top level for many years at Borussia Dortmund. His (88) Defense will be imperious despite a relatively low speed. Don’t discount his Passing (74) which allows him to pass out from the back to good effect.

 38-Muller-md-2x38: Thomas Müller – Bayern Munich: 87 Overall 

None of Müller’s stats really stand out. That’s actually a good representation of him as a player. Müller doesn’t have one strength he can do everything, and his combination of skills turns him into an incredibly effective footballer. A high shooting (83), good frame at 6’1’’, and a 4-star weak foot means Müller will be most effective as a striker. However his Passing (77) and Dribbling (78) are both good enough for him to be played deeper and make use of his high/high work rates.

37-DiMaria-md-2x37: Angel Di María – PSG: 87 Overall 

Di María may have had a hard time in the Premier League, but he was incredibly effective in his last season at PSG. With great Pace (87) and Dribbling (87) he will be incredibly effective driving at defenses and an (84) Pass and (79) Shooting mean you can choose to pass or shoot without worry.

36-Alexis-md-2x36: Alexis Sánchez – Arsenal: 87 Overall 

Armed with threatening Pace (86) and a dangerous Dribbling ability (88) Sánchez is one of the most feared wingers in the Premier League. An (82) Shooting means he’ll likely be popping up for plenty of goals, and 4-star skills should pave the way for plenty of showboating. His high defensive work rate may end up being a double-edged sword, however. He’ll run back to ease the pressure on your fullback, but it might lead him to run out of steam before the game is up.

35-Rakatic-md-2x35: Ivan Rakitić – FC Barcelona: 87 Overall 

It takes a special player to replace the likes of Xavi and Iniesta, but Rakitić might just be in with a shout. (86) Passing is perfect for the Barcelona setup, and (82) Dribbling makes him a danger. What sets Rakitić apart from his Spanish predecessors is that he is a real danger in front of goal. He might not have the speed, but with (84) Shooting ability, he will score when given the chance. He is one of those finesse players who didn’t suit FIFA 16’s playing style, so it will be interesting to see how he fares in FIFA 17

34-Oblak-md-2x34: Jan Oblak – Atletico Madrid: 87 Overall

The 23 year-old keeper might not be incredibly well-known outside of La Liga, but Oblak has proved to be an elite shot-stopper. (87) Positioning and (90) Handling will make him a go-to in many Ultimate Team and Career Mode teams.

33-Bonucci-md-2x33: Leonardo Bonucci – Juventus: 87 Overall 

Bonucci is one of the three Italian Center Backs making Juventus’ defense one of the most feared in the world. He has good Physicality (81) and great Defense (87). Also, he has reasonable Pace (70) for a man so tall and strong. He is a defender without much of a weakness.

32-Alaba-md-2x32: David Alaba – Bayern Munich: 87 Overall 

Alaba will likely end up as the highest rated fullback in the game, and with good reason. He can do anything, including a job in the midfield or at CB thanks to his (81) Passing and (83) Defense. It’s his Dribbling (83) and Pace (86) that will having him marauding down many left flanks. He can beat a player, cross, smash a FK or thread a through ball, then run up the other end and shut down even the best wingers. He even has a 4-star weak foot.

31-Lloris-md-2x31: Hugo Lloris – Tottenham: 88 Overall 

The French goalkeeper is one of the best in the world, and a large reason for Tottenham’s 3rd place finish in last year’s season. He boasts (87) Handling, (87) Driving and (90) reflexes. He’ll be one of the hardest Keepers to beat this year.


Sports Gamers Online will have you covered for all of you FIFA 17 needs, and check back soon for 30-21.

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