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FIFA 17 top 50 ratings: 50-41

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Another year, another FIFA, another ratings update. So with FIFA 17 just around the corner, let’s look at the top 50 players – starting with 50-41.

50-Matuidi-md-2x50: Blaise Matuidi – PSG: 86 Overall

Matuidi’s Physicality (84) and Defending (83) make him a hugely effective defensive mid, but it’s his very solid Pace and Dribbling ratings that set him apart from most of the players in his position. He is capable of breaking down an attack, dribbling out of danger and launching an attack of his own. Everything you want in a midfielder.

49-Marcelo-md-2x49: Marcelo – Real Madrid: 86 Overall

The Brazilian and his trademark afro have been staples of ultimate team defenses since it began. With all of his ratings except shooting hovering around 80, Marcelo has no stand out ability but instead can do pretty much everything you need him to. One of the best attacking Left Backs in the world.

 48-Auba-md-2x48: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borussia Dortmund: 86 Overall

96 Pace. 96! We’ve known Aubameyang was fast for years, but his 2015-16 season was stellar and an 86 rating means that he has a truly dangerous skill set to go along with his terrifying pace. His shooting (84) and height alone make him dangerous. Good luck playing any Ultimate Team season without facing him at least 6 times.

47-Payet-md-2x47: Dimitri Payet – West Ham United: 86 Overall 

The Frenchman was a standout for an impressive West Ham last year. (87) Dribbling means you should be able to get into a great position to utilize his (87) Passing. If you don’t, just take the foul. He will have one of the highest Free Kick ratings in the game. His Pace (77) is a bit low for him to be an incredibly effective winger, however his skills make him an almost perfect CAM.

 46-Robben-md-2x46: Arjen Robben – Bayern Munich: 87 Overall 

Robben has been consistently in the top 5 players in the world for a few seasons but he, like his hairline, has receded. That being said, however, he still boasts (86) Pace and (81) Passing, not to mention a ridiculous (90) Dribbling. Which is perfect for cutting in and utilizing his (85) Shooting. He may be getting older, but he remains a massive danger on that right wing. Shame about the 2 star weak foot, but when you’re that good you only need your left.

45-James-md-2x45: James Rodríguez – Real Madrid: 87 Overall

He was bought for a ridiculous sum by Madrid after an excellent world cup. His ratings show why. (85) Dribbling, (85) Shooting and (85) Passing make him an extremely effective attacking midfielder, even if played on the wing. He’s a danger from distance and from a dead ball. The only thing keeping him from being elite is his physical attributes.

44-Silva-md-2x44: David Silva – Manchester City: 87 Overall 

For a few years now, the diminutive Spaniard has been one of the classiest players in the Premier League. What he is lacking in strength, size and speed, he completely makes up for in his cultured left foot. With (87) Dribbling he can beat defenders, and will have no trouble finding a striker thanks to his (87) Passing. Like Payet, Silva’s skills suit a central role, but that doesn’t stop him from being a hugely effective wide playmaker.

43-Benzema-md-2x43: Karim Benzema – Real Madrid: 87 Overall

Benzema is one of those players without one standout skill. It’s when you combine his (81) Pace, (82) Dribbling, (84) Shooting, 4-star weak foot, 4-star skill moves, and a 6’2” frame, defenders are left wondering how to stop him. Benzema can do everything, from getting on the end of crosses to playing as a second striker. He would fit any team.

42-Vidal-md-2x42: Arturo Vidal – Bayern Munich: 87 Overall

Vidal simply does not have a weakness. His Defending (84) and Physicality (84) make him an extremely effective DM, while his Passing (80), Shooting (81) and Dribbling (79) make him dangerous going up the pitch. He is the quintessential box-to-box midfielder, capable of shutting down an opponent’s midfield and then banging one in from 35 yards.

41-Busquets-md-2x41: Sergio Busquets – FC Barcelona: 87 Overall 

Barcelona’s dominance never really translated particularly well to video games. Sure they were good, but their greatness was from an incredible combined team skill. Passing and moving, tiki taka, but never really having need for speed or power. Why would you if you can pass it into the net? Sergio Busquets encompasses all of this. His Defense (83) and Physicality (81) make him a wonderful screen for the back line, and his Passing (79) should help him find outlets. It’s the (42) Pace that is going to be letting Busquets down. The real world Busquets knows exactly where to be, but if you’ve run him off somewhere your opponents will have scored their goal long before he gets back into position.


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