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FIFA 18 Shows Off the Power of Frostbite In New Trailer


EA has just released a short but bouncy trailer for FIFA 18.

The trailer boasts improved action, input, and the ability to play more like the teams you love. It shows off some obviously staged but nonetheless pretty motion capture footage of Ronaldo showing off his skills.

It’s usually a cheap trick to show a motion capture model before showing off the actual in-game models of the players, but the weaving, dodging, and posing of the in-game models does admittedly look really good. With EA’s having massive success and practice with its Frostbite engine, they look to be showing off how powerful and responsive it should be for their next set of sports games.

The shaky camera movement give the trailer a sense of being right there and feeling the chaos of the moment, which makes me wonder if it’s all for the trailer or if EA plans to make it more immersive by mixing up some gameplay.

Unlike NBA Live 18, which we reported on earlier this week, FIFA 18 does not offer early access to all preorders of the game. Only the Renaldo Edition and Icon Edition give players access to the game three days before release.

While EA PLAY started strong, I hope they’ll keep up the momentum with new teases and updates. And as when they do, we’ll give you the rundown.

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