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FIFA 19 Attacking Tutorial: Effective Use Of Passing

Mastering the different types of shots in FIFA 19 is only part of the game. You will also need to know how to get into scoring positions to be advantageous. Thanks to New York Red Bulls pro FIFA player and renown gaming community content creator, Mike Labelle, you can learn how to attack effectively by mastering both passing and crossing.

FIFA 19 Understanding the Pass

Getting Started

There are basically five different passes that players need to learn. Each pass is best used in a unique scenario. The easiest is the standard pass, executed by pressing A. It’s a very safe option and works best over short to medium distances. This pass is great for quick tiki-taka style passing. Most importantly, it’s a fundamental. You will need to master this if you want to improve on other types of passing.

Driven Passes

Next, is the Driven Pass. This can be executed by pressing RB and A. The Driven Pass was more powerful last year, but it still holds value in FIFA 19. It’s currently the quickest pass available to players in the game. However, it’s speed also makes it less accurate and can cause the receiving player to take a very heavy first touch. This can lead to losing possession, especially against very aggressive players. It’s best used for medium to long passes.

Lob Passes

Lobs are executed by pressing X. It is a very underrated pass that can be used to switch the field as a way to give yourself more time on the ball. This earns it the name “pressure release pass.” When used correctly, this pass allows you to recycle your attack by switching the ball to a player on the other side of the field. If your opponent is heavily pressuring you on one side, switching the play may open up gaps in your opponent’s midfield and defense due to a lack of players. Therefore, the lobbing is really best used for long passes. Although, you can also use it to pass to your strikers. This is handy if your opponent is covering ground pass options effectively.

Through Ball Passes

Through Balls are executed by pressing Y. In FIFA 19, the key to using Through Balls successfully is mastering your knowledge of the timing and the space in which you are passing. The Through Ball is an aggressive attacking option that, when timed correctly, will give you one or more attackers through on goal without any defenders in your way. The Through Ball is effective over any distance. This is provided you have enough space ahead of the player making the run onto the ball.

The last pass is a variation on the Through Ball: the Lobbed Through Ball. This is executed by pressing LB+Y. Like the through ball, you can use the Lobbed Through Ball to attack aggressively. Again, this requires that you have enough space ahead of the player running onto the ball. You can also use the Lobbed Through Ball to catch out your opponent on the quick switch. When a ball is played through the air, it is very hard for players to switch to the right defender in time to challenge for the ball. If you can capitalize on a player who is having a particularly having a hard time switching, a Lobbed Through Ball may very well confuse them and leave you open to a goal.

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