FIFA 19 First Title Update Includes Gameplay and FUT Patches


EA has released the first title update to FIFA 19 with some tweaks to Football Ultimate Team and The Journey. There were also some gameplay adjustments, but those were relatively minor as EA would like to receive more feedback on the game before implementing major changes.

What’s New in FIFA 19

Gameplay and Traits

EA fixed a big in which the power bar for Set Piece Kicks in online matches were incorrectly going to 100%, as well as another one in which a player would get a foot shot animation instead of a requested regular shot animation.

As for traits, patches include one for an issue in which some traits that were no longer functioning in the game were still being displayed in the Front End and another one that involved traits only having effects on players that were being controlled by the CPU AI.

Football Ultimate Team

A patch was issued for a bug that caused only three rewards being displayed instead of four rewards in Rivals mode. Additionally, it addressed one that caused an error message to appear when a player tries to swap duplicate items in the New Items screen.

Other changes to FUT include a fix for Coin balances displaying inaccurately in the Transfer Market, stability issues in Single Player Seasons after forfeiting matches and players disappearing during a pack opening animation.

The Journey

The title update includes an adjustment for the customization of Alex Hunter and new update for the Mentor Selection screen. Several stability issues were also patched. This includes post-game highlights following a match with Kim Hunter in Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 as well when completing a training drill with Kim Hunter.

Career Mode

Driven Pass, Diving Header, and Fancy Flicks have been removed. Visual customizations for Alex Hunter and Danny Williams were patched. Additionally, news will now properly being display when a player is acquired in a transfer that included a player swap.

Audio and Visual Presentation

New audio banter was added. New lines were added for teams, stadiums, and the previous FIFA World Cup. In addition, missing audio for UEFA Champions League matches has been added. The proper portion of the UEFA Champions League anthem will now play at the appropriate times.

As for visual, a new goal celebration for Jesse Lingard was added, as well as some updates to some of the ad boards in stadium.

If you want more information on the title update, click here. Have any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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