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FIFA 19 Shooting Tutorial: Executing Timed Finishes

FIFA 19 features a variety of ways to score goals. Thanks to New York Red Bulls pro FIFA player and renown gaming community content creator, Mike Labelle, you can improve your FIFA 19 shooting ability by mastering several types of shots.

FIFA 19 Mastering the Timed Finish

All About Timing

Timed Finishing is a new technique in FIFA 19. This shot can be executed by pressing B twice. The Low Driven shot, which used those buttons in the past, is now LB+RB+B. You need to time the second B tap perfectly to pull off a perfect Timed Finish. Pressing it too early or too late will result in a weak and misplaced shot. A well-executed Timed Finish should result in a more powerful and more accurate shot. However, it seems as though it only provides a significant power boost in game. Shots taken from roughly the same region on the pitch that weren’t Timed Finishes seemed to share similar accuracy.

Misunderstanding the Timed Finish

Early on, many thought Timed Finishing would only be effective on volleys and outside of the box attempts. Those shots tend to be harder to execute normally, thus the risk vs. reward comparison works in your favor. Many also thought there wouldn’t be much point attempting a Timed Finish on finesse shots as well as when you’re one-on-one against the goalkeeper. It was thought it could over complicate a finesse shot and make it likely fail in what otherwise should be an easier shot. After a month or so, it’s fair to say the majority of elite and top 100 players agree that Timed Finishing is a great technique to master.

It’s important to understand that a well-timed Timed Finish is not a guaranteed goal. You still need to angle your player’s body to keep the shot on target. You will also have to learn how certain players approach a shot. Different heights, body types, and techniques will affect how a player strikes. This means it also affects when you need to time the second B tap. Timing too early is much worse than timing it too late; if you time it too late then the shot will usually act like a regular shot. So, if you position yourself correctly and power the shot well, then you may still have a decent attempt on goal. On the contrary, timing it too early will result in an under-powered and misplaced shot.

The real challenge of Timed Finishing is evaluating the aforementioned risk vs. reward equation. Mastery of the Timed Finishing will increase the skill gap between average players and elite/pro players. Those who are able to use it successfully on a consistent basis will prove to be much better players. If you can’t figure out how to use it, finesse is still overpowered enough that you’ll probably be able to score goals if you know how to create openings. However, learning Timed Finishing will make you much more clinical. It will undoubtedly prove useful against much tougher opponents.

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