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FIFA 20: What We Know From the Closed Beta

The FIFA 20 closed beta has allowed certain gamers to try out the game and give the developers feedback prior to release. However, we also have gotten some first looks at what the game will look like, as footage and pictures of the game have been leaked on social media.

FIFA 20 Leaks

The FIFA team allowed random players to test drive the game through a closed beta. However, the developers wanted to make sure no details were leaked out, and players with access were not allowed to leak any footage or screenshots of the game. This ban did not deter some people, though, and we did get some leaked info from the beta. Here is what we know so far:

New Animations for FUT

One thing we do know as that there will be new animations for player unveils in FUT once a player opens up a pack. Here’s an example:

The walkout animation might seem a bit over the top, but it does look really good and clean.

Expanded Customization in Career Mode

We’ve mentioned previously on the site that this year’s Career Mode will be expanded, especially when it comes to customization. FIFA 20 features quite a bit of customization options, from the pants that the character wears, to even the beard.

A YouTuber named HeracrossYT has also posted video of Career Mode gameplay from the FIFA 20 beta. That video is down below:

Celebrations and Kicking Styles

If you wanted to celebrate in FIFA just like your favorite players, it looks like you just might be able to do that. Check out this goal celebration for Mo Salah:

Another new feature that looks to have been added is new skill moves for players. Check out this one:

New Look for Juventus

Due to an exclusive agreement with ePES, the Juventus team name and logo will not be featured in FIFA 20. Instead, Juventus will be replaced by a fictional team called Piemonte Calcio, but the team will consist of Juventus’ real-life roster.

The beta gave us a look at what Piemonte Calcio will look like in FIFA 20. Check it out:

Volta Gameplay

The FIFA team has also touted the new Volta mode that will be in the game. The mode will look bring authentic street-style play for gamers, and we did get a gameplay leak of the mode. Check it out:

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