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FIFA 17 Top 50 Ratings: 20-11

FIFA 17 Marco Reus

The FIFA 17 top 50 rated players continue to be announced, and today we have numbers 20-11.

 20-Pepe-md-2x20: Pepe – Real Madrid: 88 Overall

The Portuguese defender remains one of the top center backs in world football. His Physicality (81) and Defense (88) are two stand-out features. He may look like an angry alien, but he will be a real menace to come up against this year.

19-Higuain-md-2x19: Gonzalo Higuaín – Jeventus: 88 Overall

Higuaín was on fire for Napoli last season, netting 38 goals in 42 appearances. He is one of the best pure finishers in the game, boasting (87) Shooting. When you add in his Dribbling (82) and Pace (80), Higuaín becomes a real terror for defenses.

18-Pogba-md-2x18: Paul Pogba – Manchester United: 88 Overall 

United’s massive, record-breaking signing, is about as close to a complete midfielder the game has seen since Yaya Toure’s dominance. Pogba enjoys good Passing (83), great Physicality (87) and incredible Dribbling ability (87) for a player so tall and strong. Oh, he also boasts 5-star skill moves. He can outmuscle almost any attacker, and dribble past almost any defender. All that, and he’s still only 23.

17-Griezmann-md-2x17: Antoine Griezmann – Atletico Madrid: 88 Overall 

Griezmann was a standout player for France in this year’s European Championship, taking home awards for player of the tournament and highest goal scorer. His Dribbling (87) is amongst the very best and his Pace (86) and Shooting (85) will make him a very real goal threat on any team.

16-Silva-md-2x16: Thiago Silva – PSG: 89 Overall 

Silva is easily the most gifted center back on this list. His Defense (90) is unrivalled, and he can do almost everything else well. With Passing, Physicality, Pace and even Dribbling, all rated 73 or more, he’s close to the perfect defender.

15-Modric-md-2x15: Luka Modrić – Real Madrid: 89 Overall 

With Modrić on the ball, you can trust him to run your midfield with ease. What he lacks in stature and strength, he makes up for in ridiculous Dribbling (89) and a fine range of Passing (86). Also, not to be underrated is his ability to defend, which is rare in such an exceptionally creative player.

14-Ramos-md-2x14: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid: 89 Overall 

Ramos is Pepe’s partner in crime, as it were, and when he’s not firing penalties at low flying aircraft, he’s an exceptional defender. His Defense (87) really stands out, but when it’s accompanied by great Physicality (83) and a very useful Pace (78), Ramos becomes a force to be reckoned with.

13-Courtois-md-2x13: Thibaut Courtois – Chelsea: 89 Overall 

The Belgian Keeper comes in on this list at the same number he wears on his back. He is a shield in front of the goal, with an impressive 6’6’’ frame. Add to that his Reflexes (89) and Handling (91) – the highest in the game – and you have a top goalkeeper on your hands.

12-Ozil-md-2x12: Mesut Özil – Arsenal: 89 Overall

While his first year in England was uninspiring, the German international tallied 19 assists in the Premier League last season. Class is permanent, as they say. Dribbling (86) and Passing (87) are his two main weapons. If you get him time on the ball, he’ll often find a way to goal. Watch out for the low workrate, and two-star weak foot, though.

11-Aguero-md-2x11: Sergio Agüero – Manchester City: 89 Overall 

If not for a few injuries over the years, Agüero would be the undisputed best striker in the Premier League. As it it, he is the barely disputed best striker in the Premier League. That being said, some players are built better for FIFA, and Agüero is definitely one of them. Wonderful Pace (89), Dribbling (89) and Shooting (88) will mean Agüero will keep banging them in for another year.


That’s all we have for today, but 10-4 will be released tomorrow. If you missed any of the top 50, you will find 50-41 here, 40-31 here, and 30-21 here.

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