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Football Manager 2022

Football Manager Setting a Gold Standard

Ever dreamed of taking the job as a football manager rather than a player? Ever thought about the pressures of your job being on the line? Have you ever wanted to storm out of a press conference because a journalist asked one too many questions? Then Football Manager is the game for you.

Football Manager – One of a Kind

Released under the name Championship Manager in 1992, the game captivated fans hearts very quickly with groundbreaking ideas and an incredibly fun playing experience. Many argue the 97/98 version of the game is the best there ever was. Some still play the game to this day, trying new challenges every time.

Unfortunately in 2004, Sports Interactive and Edios split. Despite that, Football Manager would be born under Sports Interactive. The first Football Manager released later that same year. Dubbed Football Manager 2005, its launch solidified a moment in history for the creators. Not only did they manage to release it before Championship Manager 5, it also became the fifth fastest selling PC game of all time.

From then on Football Manager has crept into common conversation amongst football enthusiasts with Reddit pages and Twitter pages dedicated to the game series. The “Out of Context Football Manager” Twitter page has 168.3k followers. Many threads feature active players sharing their progress, techniques and advice with others.

What makes the series so popular?

One might say the escapism. Others praise near limitless play and the amazing detail of the game. For example, fans recognize a 4-2-3-1 with gegenpressing whilst playing with a mezzala and an inside forward as a normal life thing maybe considered alien talk to other people.

Over the course of the game, players must contend with morale, transfers, and contracts. Decision big and small drive a variety of factors. Managers most also hire staff,  balance interacting with the board, and even fine players for negligence of responsibilities.

When playing the game, the effort gone into the experience is readily evident. Players have stats filled to the brim about how they play and how they could improve or deteriorate. They also have complete biographies with their career stats and club history.

Like most trends, Football Manager has been the topic of live streams. Fans can log onto YouTube or Twitch and watch someone play a game of Football Manager.

Some even use the game’s simulation mechanics to predict future World Cups. YouTuber GoldenFM simulated the World Cup with the correct teams and groups alongside many other gamers. Their results determined France would win it, England would come 4th and Harry Kane would finish as the Golden Boot winner. People are using the game to beat the bookies so get looking for the betting offers for new customers and play the game to determine the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Football Manager fans are certainly a community much like other gaming fans but you need to know the difference between a deep lying playmaker and a half back.

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