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Konami Delays eFootball 2022 Patch 1.0.0

Konami’s rocky launch of eFootball 2022 continues with the delay of patch 1.0.0. Patch 1.0.0 was scheduled to release on November 11 and would bring many new changes with it. However, Konami’s delay of patch 1.0.0 has come late Thursday night, and a new release date of Spring 2022 has been announced. Konami claims that players who have pre-ordered Premium Player Packs for the update will receive an automatic refund.

Another Delay for eFootball 2022

Earlier this year, Konami announced its plan to change the ongoing Pro Evolution Soccer series into a free-to-play experience, and rebrand the name to just eFootball. Konami intended to patch the game periodically and introduce major updates yearly. However, the Japanese developer finds itself fixing the game rather than improving the experience with new modes and more clubs. With the eFootball failing to meet the expectations of fans, Konami released an apology statement and its acknowledgment bugs and negative feedback. 

Patch 1.0.0 isn’t the first delay that has plagued eFootball. In late October, Konami delayed patch 0.9.1 to early November. Thankfully, this patch is now available and features many gameplay fixes along with it. You can find the list of fixes here on Konami’s website.

eFootball 2022 SGO Review 

I reviewed eFootball 2022 back in September. Here are some of my thoughts. You can check out my full review here.

eFootball Old Trafford

“Konami’s attempt to bring eFootball to a new engine has cost them dearly. History shows switching game engines and releasing in the same dev cycle means a poor launch. That seems to be the case here. The current eFootball appears to no longer have an identity and lacks quality in many departments upheld by its predecessors.” 

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