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New eFootball 2022 1.0 Update Introduces Dream Team

It’s no secret that eFootball 2022 launched in an awful state. In my SGO review of the game, I called it a “watered-down mediocre football experience.” Since then, Konami has been working hard on eFootball‘s first significant update, patch 1.0, which Konami has opted to call Season One. This update had its fair share of drama; last November, Konami delayed the major update to spring 2022. Konami has yet to reveal why they needed to delay the patch, but it’s water under the bridge now.

With eFootball 2022 update 1.0 finally out, Konami announced to fans that they would have to be patient waiting on other modes like Master League and Team-Play to come to the game. Unfortunately, Konami still hasn’t said anything about its player career mode Become A Legend. For now, eFootball 2022 is still very focused on online competition, and with the inclusion of Dream Team, we might not see Become A Legend anytime soon.

Better Gameplay

Over the past couple of months, Konami has pumped eFootball full of minor updates leading up to patch 1.0. I’m pleased to say that this has helped the game so much. In-game commentary, fan reactions, better passing, and updated graphics finally bring eFootball to life.

Passing no longer feels like you’re trying to pass through mud, and the atmosphere feels much more alive. In contrast, passing is more fluid but remains inconsistent on multiple occasions, it’s like the game has no clue what your intended target is, but hopefully, this will improve with more updates.

eFootball 2022 1.0 – Dream Team

Dream Team is eFootball’s rendition of FIFA Ultimate Team. In Dream Team, you buy players and managers and set up your team for victory. If you’ve been playing eFootball since its tragic launch, you will have loads of eFootball coins to play with in this mode.

I received 213,000 coins to spend on my team through multiple log-ins and game sessions. From here, you can buy players from a large marketplace and build your team how you see fit. Not only can you buy players, but you can upgrade and train them too.

So far, I’ve built a modest team that consists of Alexzander Isak and Arsenal’s Martin Ødegaard, along with a few other players from the marketplace. However, eFootball doesn’t tell you how to obtain more coins to buy more players. I haven’t received any coins for matches I’ve won, and the eFootball Shop is currently offline.

In eFootball 2022 Dream Team, you can play one type of match with your team, an online quick match. This is disappointing, since Konami had the extra time to implement more events and the eFootball League into this mode. As of now, there isn’t much to Dream Team besides creating your team, using your limited funds, and playing unrewarding quick matches.

Ultimately, If you are a fan of Ultimate Team and this mode style, Konami still has a lot to work on with Dream Team. Hopefully, this mode will be a worthy competitor to FIFA Ultimate Team in a few months, but for now, it’s still missing key features.

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