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Pixel Soccer Coming to Steam

Pixel Soccer

Pixel Soccer is a throwback 90’s top down soccer game that two people have created under the Super Rock Games Limited name.

This throwback offers a nostalgic play style with all the new features of modern soccer games.


  • The ability to edit, customize and design kits for players from over 90 leagues around the world.
  • Career play with multiple seasons, injuries, trades & suspensions.
  • Personalized team logos, immersive team editor & squads.
  • Championships with custom cups & leagues.
  • Player celebrations, crowds & weather effects.

This game also supports online play and will cater to LAN parties. Terrestrial multiplayer capabilities to play at home with friends with up to four people, and with plans for IOS and Android ports, Pixel Soccer could be enjoyed anywhere or with anyone.

Pixel Soccer will support both keyboard and mouse or game pad controls.

Due out in the Steam store on June 1st for PC and Mac. The early access also will be an open forum with the creators to give user feedback and build the community.

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